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Why Purchase a Weber Electric Grill?

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Welcome to our website. Here we can help assist you in finding the Best Electric Grills to meet your needs. You will also be able to find comparisons from a wide variety of popular manufacturers, such as Meco electric grills, Weber electric grills and more...

As summer approaches, people begin to get excited about grilling out. Bratwursts, burgers, chicken, and burgers always taste amazing when cooked on a grill. Even vegetarians can join in the fun, grilling portabello mushroom caps or vegetable kabobs. Nothing beats lounging in the sun, enjoying a satisfying meal and a beer with friends and family. However, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with an old grill that is all crusty and rusty. If you are in the market for a grill, check out Weber electric grills.

Weber has a great reputation for producing quality electric grills that last. For 2010, they are introducing a great new product that is worth investigating, the Weber One-Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill. This is sleek black grill that is shaped like a typical old-fashioned, round grill, but it comes with two side thermostat work tables, making the design modern. There is also a place to store the hood while grilling, so that you can keep your hands free. The thermometer is built in, the cooking system is pure stainless steel and the grill is very easy to clean. It's also rust-proof. You  have a choice of black or brick red.

Another Weber electric grill that will enhance your experience is the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill. The One-Touch Platinum discussed above runs around $300; the Performer comes in at $350. This product has a Touch-N-GoTM gas ignition system, so no long waits when it comes to heating the coals, and it has a CharBinTM container you can use to store coal and ensure that it's dry. You can get it in a variety of colors as well.

If neither one of these Weber electric grills seems right for you, you might be interested in the Weber Spirit Gas Grill. It's almost double the price of the other grills mentioned thus far, but wait until you hear about all of the amenities! It boasts the patented Crossover ignition system that boasts 36,000 BTUs. The system's grates are made from pure stainless steel, and there is a stainless steel work surface as well. If you are someone who can't stand trying to find where you set down your tongs, don't worry! This grill features six hooks for your convenience. It also has a side burner that you can use to heat up your favorite barbeque sauce or to sauté some mushrooms. You have a choice between buying the natural gas or propane models. This Weber electric grill truly has it all!

For a truly upscale grilling experience, Weber electric grills can't be beat. They come in a variety of models, and they even come in different colors besides silver or black for those who want to brighten up their backyards or patios. And Weber even manufacturers its own line of cookbooks, so you might be able to procure one of those for free when buying a new Weber electric grill. Then, you'll have great new recipes at your fingertips and you will be able to further enjoy using your new grill.

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